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The Pentagon Council of Healthcare Professional Development (Pentagon) is the local affiliate of the Association of Nursing Professional Development.  ANPD (formerly NNSDO) originated in 1987, when a group of nursing staff development educators, led by Belinda E. Puetz, met to discuss the possibility of starting a specialty nursing organization for themselves and their colleagues in this specialty area of practice.  The first certification exam was held on April 20, 1992, in collaboration with the American Nurses Credentialing Center.  ANPD published its first book, Quality Indicators in Staff Development, in 1992, and published the first edition of the Core Curriculum in Nursing Staff Development in 1995.  ANPD’s first affiliate was chartered on November 8, 1991. Currently, ANPD has over 40 affiliates.

ANPD Mission:  We inspire our members to excel by providing educational services, networking, advocacy and research to support the unique needs of nursing professional development.

ANPD Vision: ANPD is the thought leader and resource for nursing professional development.

ANPD Convention Theme 2023: Aspire

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