Pentagon Membership Display at PNEG 2019

Pentagon is the local affiliate of the Association of Nursing Professional Development, established in 1990. We have members from many of the hospitals and universities throughout northeast Ohio from as far north as Ashtabula and as far south as Canton.

Membership is only $25/year (and includes all programs) but if you are a member of national ANPD dues are $20 annually. Retirees dues are $10. Non-members are welcome to attend a meeting for free (dinner is optional costing $15). Meetings are usually every other month (except during summer) and are followed by an educational program.  Dinner is served at the meetings/programs for an additional $15.

We will have membership forms for both the local affiliate and national ANPD at the meeting or download below.

2019-2020 ANPD Pentagon Membership Form  

ANPD Membership Information 

ANPD Membership Application  

Pentagon Membership Incentive Program